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I participated in Deborah Bluestein's weekly writing workshops at Juiceboxartists in Somerville, Massachusetts for approximately five years from the spring of 2006 until the studio's close in 2011.  Deborah is an amazing facilitator with a gift for nurturing a safe, uniquely eclectic and warm environment that allows our deep, creative selves the freedom to play and explore.  Her writing prompts are incredibly varied and use all of the senses to awaken the imagination.  Her feedback is both gently nurturing and at the same time continually challenging, in the sense that she calls on the writer to put forth the effort required in crafting and revising creative work.  I cannot recommend Deb Bluestein as a writing teacher, coach, and creative guru highly enough!  She is a fairy godmother to all creative spirits, calling them forth to come out, play, and express themselves freely and she also understands both personally and professionally the actual work of writing and how to get oneself to engage in it.  She is a magnificent gift!

—Amy Pechukas

Since early 2019 our international online workshops have been well attended.  Participants join us from Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and other locations outside of Massachusetts including the East Coast, West Coast and Canada. We meet in a Zoom.us classroom and follow the guidelines for AWA workshops. Our committed online workshops (limited to 7 participants) can be scheduled by time zone considerations of the writers. Depending upon interest and time zone parameters, we can hold more than one group.

Seventeenth series of 5 committed online sessions continues on January 13, 2024. 
This class is sold out.

Five meetings will take place on every other Saturday beginning on Saturday, January, 2024. The cost for all five sessions is $150. We’ve set the time for 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. East Coast time so that writers from Europe and the West Coast can join in. Meeting dates: January 13, 27; February 10, 24; March 9.

A spring 2024 workshop will begin in April 2024.

In the words of recent online participants:

Carrie in Philly—The online writing workshop enabled and inspired me to take my writing to new places—to write in ways, to experiment with writing—using as yet unexplored techniques.

Gabriella in Barcelona—I love Deborah´s style of teaching. She is very positive and encouraging. She creates a safe atmosphere where students can exchange ideas and give feedback to each other. I specially liked the variety of prompts and exercises she uses in her sessions. I definitely saw an improvement in my writing while taking her course online.

Haixia in Barcelona—This is a new and exciting adventure of exploring myself, and living. The images in the past become more vivid and clear when I write.

Please contact us via email if you would like to participate in an upcoming online workshop.

Online Welcome to my Living Room every other Saturday workshops continue in the Winter of 2024!